Gourd art training is mainly given to rural women with the concern of creating employment at a village level and to help sustain their lives.  Since young children are our future leaders, we are also facilitating training programmes at school levels. We have developed standard based design models children or encourages to use these models to create pleasing artifact of their own applying their creative minds. Since we work with fire and coal we recommend higher primary or secondary school children to participate.


There will basically five types of  art forms that are demonstrated and the participants are given an exposure to:

  1. Burning technique: The whole or partial gourd is burnt to look rustic or can be carved using hot tools.
  2. Gas burning technique: We use the gas burner to create different shades of burning on gourd.
  3. Colouring and painting: Children loves colouring so we would provide with paints, brush, accessories, beads, stationery, etc., to make their own dolls.
  4. Seed Jewellery: There are many wild and vegetable seeds that can be used while making jewellery avoiding artificial beads, plastic materials and expensive metals.
  5. Paddy festoon: Binding paddy festoon is an art and culture. The different designs of binding paddy straw is taught and the participants experiment them and take home their own products to hang in their homes.

Krishikala facilitates with necessary machines, processed gourds and seeds, tools, accessories, paints and stationery.  The training can be held for one or two day based on the trainee’s needs and content.